Welcome!! My name is Troy Halstenson (Founder) of Performance Air and Heating/Double down inspections and a certified professional home inspector.

I have been working in the Security and Safety Industry side of things for over 30 years, physically protecting property and looking out for the Health and Safety of others. I have experienced many different situations that are seen but what about the things most people do not see that can affect their Health and Safety and that we take for granted?

So I decided to take this endeavor a step further…..

The past four years, I have taken Residential Inspection Courses and during this process of educating myself, I have gained knowledge in the importance of maintaining the Proper Climate and Control of Building Enclosures for the sole purpose of creating a Comfortable and Healthy Environment. I have applied many of different techniques in accomplishing this type of environment in my own life and my families life such as:

  • Proper Sealing and Insulation of our Home.
  • Inspecting our HAVC Systems and Maintaining the Upkeep of the System.
  • Identifying Possible Moisture Intrusion and or Mold and how to remedy such factors associated with Air Quality Control.
  • Utilizing the Proper Inspection Tools to Identify possible Health Risk associated with bad Air Quality and taking the proper Corrective Measures.

Some topics that I have gained knowledge In:

1. Comfort and Climate Inspections

2. Healthy Homes: Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation

3. Indoor Air Quality Inspections

4. Mold Inspections

5. Inspecting HVAC Energy Efficiency

6. Healthy Homes: Indoor Air Pollutants and Toxic Materials

I have always been concerned about the Health and Safety of others and well continue this same mind set by utilizing what I know to improve the lives of others. I believe the information is absolutely critical and should be shared with those who really are concerned about their health and safety and want the best for their own families also.

Our goal here at Performance Air and Heating is to provide you the consumer with the services needed, with the necessary information and the best products on the market today to accomplish an Environment of Comfort and Control in your own lives.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Troy Halstenson (Founder of Performance Air and Heating/Double Down Inspections)


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